Trouble Shooting your IRLP Plug n Play Cable

I have recently placed an Alinco DR-135T radio into my IRLP setup along with a pre-made cable I bought and do not get any audio out or any DTMF.   Is there any modifications that have to be made to get this to work?

If you have bought a Plug n Play cable from this site.  Each cable is hand made and gets physically tested out on a real IRLP node to make sure it works before it gets shipped.  So, odds are the cable is not at fault. 

1)  If you are using a Alinco radio make sure the radio does NOT have the TNC card installed and that the cable that goes to the DB-9 on the back of the radio is plugged into the connector where the TNC card would normally plug into. See your Alinco radio manual. If you do not have the manual, you can download it from the Alinco web site at:

Then go to page 36 and 37 to read about un-installing the TNC.
                                                                                                            _   _
DO NOT put your Alinco radio in DATA mode. You should NOT see _| |_| |_ in the upper right corner of your Alinco LCD display.

3) The Rx audio level from the radio to the node computer is not affected by the volume control and having the mic plugged in does not affect the audio coming from the node computer to the Tx.  Since you're running a pre-made cable, assuming it was built correctly, YOU must make sure that the connectors are plugged into the correct ports on the sound card.   

4) The Line Out cable marked GREEN should be plugged into the speaker out jack on the soundcard which is usually GREEN,  or the Line Out cable should be plugged into line out jack on the soundcard.  The Line In cable marked BLUE should be plugged into the line in jack on the soundcard which is usually BLUE, this is the preferable method.  If your soundcard does not have a line in jack, then the you should plug the Line In cable marked BLUE to the Mic In on the soundcard which is usually RED.

 5) In order to get a valid COS signal reading on your IRLP board you MUST has the PL decode requirement enabled on your Alinco radio, [T][SQ] should be visible on the top of the Alinco radio display.  Make sure the radio you are talking on, is encoding the correct tone.  You can verify this by turning up the Alinco volume control and see if you can hear yourself.

That's about it. Good Luck.


Marshall - ke6pcv



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