The Alinco DR-XX5T series mobiles make great IRLP node radios.

The Alinco DR-135TMKII is a VHF mobile radio and is pretty cheap to buy at the current
market price of $169.95.  You can purchase these radios at HRO or AES. 

The Alinco DR-235T and DR-435T are 220 and 440 versions.
The current price on these radios is a little higher than the VHF radios.
Usually between $250.00 and $260.00 dollars.

I know of at least 10 people that are using these Alinco mobiles for there IRLP node radios.
No one has had any problems with these radios and they have been on the air for a few years now.
 No they are not commercial grade radios, but if you buy the radio new it comes with a warrantee.
You can buy them new, plug them in and they WORK! The IRLP audio sounds great through these radios.

Some of the commercial guys will argue that the Alinco radio is not rated for continuous
duty like a commercial radio would be. I have a simple solution to their argument. Please see below.


I use a thermal switch on the back of the radio to turn on a
small fan mounted to the top of the radio.


When the radio heat sink reaches a temperature of 120 degrees the thermal switch
closes and turns on the fan. When the heat sink of the radio gets below 100
degrees the thermal switch opens and the fan shuts off!


With the addition of this fan and thermal switch, the radio can stay keyed
up all day long running 5 watts and the heat sink only gets
warm to the touch when the fan is running.

These Selco thermal switches are of exceptional quality and will work on any
brand of radio and can be used with AC or DC to power your choice of fan.

Note: I have a limited quantity of these thermal switches on hand.
I am selling these switches for $19.00 each plus $6.00 to pay for shipping.
Total cost is $25.00 delivered, if you live in the United States. 

 I currently have a limited stock of these thermal switches.

Look on the lefthand side of the webpage at the bottom and click on
"Order Thermal fan Switch" link for ording information.

Or email me at if you have any questions about payment or shipping details.
You can also order these thermal switches directly from the manufacturer at for $30.00 each plus shipping with a minimum order of $50.00.

The part number you need is: CA-120-ST

 The ST in the part number stands for threaded stud. Even though the photo does not show the threaded stud.

Try looking at:

and you will see the part number CA-120 at the bottom of the page under pricing.

The ST in the part number stands for threaded stud. Even though the photo does not show the threaded stud.

Note: You will need to drill and tap the back of your Alinco radio heat sink with a 8-32 tap, the 8-32 stud is slightly larger
than what is currently on the back of the stock Alinco radio.


 cables for other radios and or kits are available on special request,
For Ordering information please contact Marshall, ke6pcv via email at:

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