Embedded IRLP Nodes using the Alinco DR-X35
Series Radio to Version 3 Board


Embedded IRLP Nodes using the
DR-X35 series Radio
to IRLP Version 3 Board

The simple and clean solution to getting your
IRLP node up and running on the air fast!


Each cable is 4 1/2 feet in length and comes complete with all the necessary connections between the IRLP Version 3  board, and your Embedded IRLP Node. This cable is custom made so that you do not need to use the 1/8 mini stereo plugs. All the necessary connections from your soundcard are already interfaced from inside your embedded IRLP computer to  the male IRLP DB9 connector. 

Note: All cables are tested before shipping. 

Price per cable is $62.00 US Dollars,  plus 6.00 for shipping via USPS Priority Mailed to anywhere in the Untied States. Shipping outside the United States will vary depending on location.  

The preferred method of payment is PAYPAL. Orders that are paid via PAYPAL often times can be shipped out the same day.

NOTE: Please include your shipping address when paying via PAYPAL if you want your cable shipped out to an address that is not listed as your default shipping address on your PAYPAL account.

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